first trimester - β-hCG thresholds (gestational sac) 1800...

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Unformatted text preview: β-hCG thresholds (gestational sac) 1800 mIu/ml TAS 1000 mIu/ml TYS able to see gestational sac Diff level: how long of pregnancy Curve up: Falling down: embryonic demise Curve up but not in the required level: ectopic pregnancy Gestational sac in TVS view 8mm - yolk sac in mid-sac diameter 16mm – embryo in CRL Yolk sac >6mm abnormal in week 5-10 <2mm abnormal in week 8-12 MSD – CRL ratio < 5mm abnormal in week 5.5-9 Fetal heart rate When CRL < 5mm >100 bpm When CRL = 5-9mm >120 bpm ↓HR: potential problem of pregnancy ...
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