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ROE V. WADE STUDY GUIDE 1) In which state did Roe v. Wade originate? 2) What is the Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause? 3) What were the issues in the Griswold v. Connecticut case? 4) How is Roe v. Wade related to Griswold v. Connecticut? 5) What eight positions/beliefs were considered in the Roe decision? (Know the position for each one). 6) What three reasons are given to explain historically restrictive abortion laws in the 19th century? 7) What does the Constitution state about the right to privacy? 8) Whose rights are considered under Roe? 9) Does the Fourteenth Amendment cover the unborn? 10) What is meant by "abortion on demand"? 11) What is “viability”? 12) Know the main points of the abortion statistics charts and graphs (e.g., trends in violence towards abortion clinics/clinicians, number of abortions by gestation week, etc.) ELY ARTICLE STUDY QUESTIONS 1) What are the major points of the decision, according to Ely?
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Unformatted text preview: 2) In Section II, what are the reasons Ely finds the court's argument not compelling? Hint: vagueness of viability and who should decide. 3) Does Ely agree with the finding that the fetus is not a person under the 14th Amendment? 4) If Ely were a legislator, would he agree with the Roe decision? 5) Where did the court find the "right to privacy?" 6) Does the Roe court find the "right to privacy" is absolute? 7) What does Ely note about the low representation of women in legislatures when it applies to this case? 8) In Section IV numerous references are made to an earlier case referred to as Lochner. You do not have to know the specific arguments, but what is the general issue at stake? Hint: Read the first two paragraphs in Section V. 9) What does Ely have to say about Roe being a sign of social progress? 10) Does Ely see Roe as a durable decision?...
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