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Rationing Health Care - Rationing Health Care Rationing New...

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Unformatted text preview: Rationing Health Care Rationing New technologies and the cost of health care means there is not New enough to go around. enough Choices must be made. Rationing of health care results Such was the case with the invention of the kidney machine and the Such refinement of organ transplant procedures. refinement Assume you are a member of a committee set up to make decisions. Whom would you choose? RAJAN RAJAN A 42 year-old mal, single all his life. He has no children. 42 He is a research scientist at the University Medical School and by all accounts is hot on the trail of a cure for AIDS. He is an active member in a number of religious and civic organizations. He wants the transplant. His insurance will cover the bill. cover CORA CORA A 22 year-old female who is not married. She 22 plans a career in marketing and has just begun her MBA program. Her parents live close by and both are in good health. She was active in a number of organizations during her college years, but is currently taking a breather from volunteer work. She wants the transplant, but is willing to let someone else have it as a gesture of compassion for others. Her insurance will cover 80% of the bill. bill. TOM TOM A 27 year-old mechanic who is married with four children 27 between the ages of 2 and 10. He has been married twice. Two of his current children are step children his second wife brought to the marriage. Two are children they have conceived during the four years of marriage. He enjoys boating on the weekends and drinking with his buddies on Sunday afternoons while watching NFL football. He wants the transplant. His insurance does not cover this kind of operation, but will pay $500 of the cost. operation, LINDA LINDA A 7 year-old female who is the only child of a couple who year-old has been married for 10 years. They had trouble conceiving Linda and there is no chance of having another child. They want Linda to have the transplant. Their insurance will cover 80% of the bill. insurance ...
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