1 - In this paper I will be attempting to give an honest...

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In this paper I will be attempting to give an honest and candid perspective regarding my own experiences in my own community regarding race and gender as well as several other issues pertaining to diversity. Some of the topics I will be covering include my own racial background, the racial makeup of my community, and how these issues are relevant to modern day society and the lives we lead on a day to day basis. The first point which I will discuss is the appearance of my peers in my community relative to my own. In order to describe this, firstI will have to describe myself and my own racial profile. My family has two sides, one of them is primarily black and the other is primarily white. I am half European American, one quarter African American and one quarter Native American. Being a mixed race individual I have found myself in the middle of a schism even between the two sides of my own family. I have seen first hand the affects of prejudice even in my own family. I have light brown skin, brown eyes and dark curly hair, I am petite in build and I dress fashionably. I believe that I am pretty unique in appearance. I very rarely see people that I feel look similar to me. This may be because of the fact that I have some distinctive Native American features. Many people ask me about my racial and ethnic background when I first meet them. Lincoln is a predominantly white community, however there are people from all different racial and ethnic backgrounds. The next topic I will be covering is the treatment of minorities in my community by local leaders. By “leader” I think of anyone in a position of power or who makes decisions on behalf of others. This can include police officers, local politicians, and representatives from local community organizations. I believe that as a whole our community has been very progressive but there is still racism and discrimination occurring in areas of public office and even social programs. I had a brief interview with Rev. Portia Cavitt, an officer on the executive committee of
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1 - In this paper I will be attempting to give an honest...

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