2 - Race and Your Community Members in my community do not...

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Race and Your Community Members in my community do not look like me; I am a one person who is unique in my own way. The only way that people in my community that are like me are the people with the same religion of being Roman Catholic. Being a Roman Catholic, does not mean we are the same size, color, or have the same ethnic background. Everyone in my community as far as I know gets treated equally. All races and nationalities live among me and it seems to be a fairly treated area. Discrimination and prejudice are happening every day, so no matter if I see it or not it is happening. No matter if it is leaders or members of my community, people whom are like me which is a white Caucasian and I do speak English, if they are my descent they can treat me with respect or disrespect me. It does not matter. People today no matter whom or what you are can be nasty. So I think with this, it does not matter whether I am the same or different on count in today’s society we do get treated differently and all honesty it does not matter who or what color, race, etc you are. There are different things that go on that it seems the African Americans get handed basically to them, and where the white per say will not get it so easily. I feel discrimination is a big thing that goes on in anyone’s community, not just in mine. In my community we also have the Amish people whom live here and most of them carry their tradition of no vehicles, no electric in their homes, no phones, they do laundry by hand, they have working farms, they have horses with carriages that get them around. Or someone from the community will take them where they need to go. Their children have their own schools. I am not like them and they are not like me. The Amish people are people of their own; yes they are white or Caucasian, born as an American citizen, so in that way they are the same as me. Do people treat them differently? I honestly do not know, I know I do not, but there are people out there that probably
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2 - Race and Your Community Members in my community do not...

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