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This particular summary is going to seem especially harsh but, in my opinion, I do not think that the United States government policy should favor certain types of immigrants. The reason that I feel this way, is because if you give priority to one group of immigrants then it becomes the status quo to make exceptions all of the time. I don’t believe that citizenship preference should be given to the neediest, the most talented, the most oppressed or even the richest. As an American citizen I feel that the issues another country goes through are their own. I have never quite understood why America jumps to play “mommy” every time something tragic happens in another country. We have our own issues, and I don’t see any other country running to bail us out. We, the United States, give away
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Unformatted text preview: our assets although we are in the hole ourselves. A prime example would be hurricane Katrina and the devastation of Haiti. When Katrina ravaged New Orleans, the citizens of that state did not jump ship and try to migrate to another country. Another country did not come along and say “hey America, let us help you with this travesty”, however, when Haiti had the massive earthquake they became refugees. On radio stations, people were asking for donations for Haiti. Not that I don’t feel bad about the situation, but I ask, why does America have to bail everyone out tough jams? When did that become our responsibility? Is it not more important to take care of ourselves first? Should we not mind our own business and make fixing our own issues the priority?...
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