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The difference between Muslims and Arabs is actually quite simple in my eyes. Being Arab is more of an ethnicity, meaning that the individual is from an Arabian country (Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq etc.) or speak Arabic. Being Muslim is when an individual practices the Islam religion. Not all Muslims are Arabs; there are many different races and ethnicities who are Muslim (Black, White etc.). Some changes that the United States has made to policies concerning the treatment of Muslim and Arabic members of society are not in the best interest of those groups. For example, there are reports that make it legal for the FBI to use race and ethnicity in order to open an
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Unformatted text preview: investigation. Being guilty until proven innocent is nothing new, but by doing this it does not help to progress our society in any way. To know that the government thinks that it’s okay to pre judge people in this way makes many people in the community think that it is okay to also pre judge. Orientalism can contribute to hate crimes by a trickledown effect because of prejudice. People can be very ignorant and intolerable of others. It’s not just Orientalism that evokes these feelings and actions in people. Ignorance runs rampant throughout all aspects of life and does not discriminate on different cultures or races....
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