Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Ethnic Groups and...

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Eunice Perry ETH/125 March 6, 2011 Scott Bell
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2 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination There are several ethnic groups that I can identify with. However there is one in particular and that is the African American group. I say this because although my ethnicity includes several groups, in my life and experiences, I have been exposed almost exclusively to African American people in school, in my neighborhood and at home. The colonization or immigration of the African American group gets a little sticky. Although popular belief is that all African American people were brought to America from Africa on slave ships for the purpose of being slaves. However there are many people who would be astonished to learn that there were actually free men (and women), who were black, that also arrived in the United States. The reason that I make this point, is because there are black people from all around the globe, they don’t just come from Africa. However focusing solely on African Americans (not all black people), there are many instances in history where they, as a people, faced many different types of prejudice and discrimination both good and bad. Most people are aware of the fact that African Americans were an enslaved people. After slavery was abolished, the inequality did not end. The African American people were affected by affirmative action. By definition, affirmative action means a policy or program aimed at countering discrimination against minorities and women, especially in employment and
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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Ethnic Groups and...

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