Final Paper - Before taking an ethics class I honestly...

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Before taking an ethics class, I honestly associated the word “race” with African Americans, Caucasians, and Hispanics only. However, even though race is just a four letter word, it has more of a complex meaning. I can no longer go out and assume that one is African American because he/she has darker skin and baggy clothes; they could be a multitude of different races. These days, it is about getting to know people and understanding what their true race is. Some community leaders are just as racist as their neighbor. Weeding through those people and getting to the ones who are not racist is a task well worth the taking. Equality for all races is a must for America to go forward into the next generation. Living as a Caucasian in America, I have experienced multiple racial and stereotypical comments throughout my life. Some may think that I have it much easier just because I am white, which is obviously not true. I live in Colbert, Oklahoma, which is stereotyped as the boondocks and redneck Ville. Some people in my community may love those stereotypes; however, I just like to think of it as the place that I call home. In my community, I have always thought that African Americans out numbered the Caucasians even if it were just by a little bit. However, according to the United States Census Bureau 79.7% of the people in my community are Caucasians with a mere 16.2% being African Americans (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). Wow! I was way off with that assumption. After gathering all of the facts, I realize that over half of the people in my community look like me. I think my community is very similar to other ones because some people are stay-at-
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Final Paper - Before taking an ethics class I honestly...

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