Hispanic American Diversity

Hispanic American Diversity - Hispanic American Diversity...

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Hispanic American Diversity Eunice Perry ETH/125 April 4, 2011 Scott Bell
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When you think of different ethnic or racial groups; Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans and Cuban Americans, you may think that they are basically the same because of the language that they speak. They are all a Spanish speaking people. To a point they do all have things in common with one another, the language that they speak, the music that they listen to and even the food that they eat. The differences and similarities of these groups will be addressed in this paper. Each group has different ancestries and come from different backgrounds. Many come to the United States for political asylum. There are families that wanted to come to the United States to improve the quality of life for them and their families. Most of them believed that by coming to America that they would be better off. Because of America’s reputation as a melting pot it is kind of “the grass is greener” situation. Many Hispanic Immigrants felt that their children would grow up in a better environment, as opposed to whatever counterproductive situation they were in previously. There was an estimate which states that of the 44 million people in the United States, the Hispanic population, counts for about 14.3%.This estimate came from the United States Census Bureau in the year of 2006. Though the Census Bureau believes that in the year of 2050, the Hispanic race will be a quarter of the population in the United States (US Census Bureau, 2008). Mexican Americans Due to the fact that Mexican Americans have the ability to adapt to any environment shows how they learned to fit in so well in the United States. Learning the language and how live like Americans, they are attempting to fit in and become a part of American society. In areas where there
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Hispanic American Diversity - Hispanic American Diversity...

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