Legislation Legacy - employment This would decrease the...

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A major existing problem that occurs between the federal government and Native Americans are land rights, better education, health care, and human services that every American citizen has the right to receive. Land rights have been a major and ongoing problem that continues to divide the Whites and Native Americans. Until this matter is resolved there will continue to be a barrier between the White and Native American community. Solving the land rights issue would be a significant achievement for the Native Americans. It would allow them to publicly announce that they are the rightful owners of land that was seized from their ancestors. They would then be able to reclaim their heritage. The immediate attention to improve educational needs, health care and human services should be a priority. These things are needed in order to excel in the community, at work, and in school. It would also allow them to commune freely with other ethnic groups outside of their community. The increase of knowledge will enable them to branch outside of the community for
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Unformatted text preview: employment. This would decrease the poverty level that continues to hinder the Native American community. Understanding their spiritual and cultural way of life would close the communication gap that exists between Native Americans and other cultures. The Native Americans could express their health care needs, in order to help reduce poor health among their people. The State Tribal Relations Project was put into place due the already existing concerns of the states and tribes. Both parties agree that quality health, security, and well being of the people were extremely important. Since, each tribe is independent of the other; it would be beneficial to unite the organizations as one. Closing the communication gap assured a higher success rate that forces the tribes to recognize the different types of programs they have access to. Finally, the State Tribal Relations Project works on behalf of the states and the Native Americans securing fair treatment to all who are involved....
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Legislation Legacy - employment This would decrease the...

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