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ISB 201 – Insects, Globalization, and Sustainability Course Goals Goals for Student Learning In Integrative Studies-General Science All ISB/ISP courses are a mixture of thematic and disciplinary approaches to knowledge of the physical and biological sciences. Completion of the required curricula will lead to the following four competencies: 1. Scientific Knowledge : Students will be able to describe some of the major concepts in science and be able to use them to explain important natural phenomena. 2. Scientific Development : Students will be able to explain the contexts in which these concepts and results were developed and be aware of where these concepts may lead us in the future. 3. Scientific Practice : Students will be able to discriminate between ideas that do and do not constitute proper subjects for science, give examples of how scientific understanding itself constantly evolves, and be able to use scientific approaches to solving problems in the natural world. 4. Scientific Appreciation : Students will hopefully learn to value the efforts of physical and biological scientists as they continue to address practical needs and continue research into matters of fundamental and lasting importance. Scientific Reasoning Objectives Students will . . . 1. Use theories and models as unifying principles that help us understand natural phenomena and make predictions. 2. Recognize the interdependence and value of applied research, basic research and technology development, and how they interact with society. 3. Illustrate the interdependence between developments in science and social and ethical issues. 4. Evaluate the credibility, use, and misuse of scientific and mathematical information in scientific developments and public-policy issues.
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Scientific Content Objectives Students will become familiar with the following scientific topics or concepts, being able to define and apply significant terminology associated with each, compare and contrast, make predictions, identify and discuss interrelated aspects of these concepts. Test #1 (Approximately)
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Course_Objectives_Detailed (4) - ISB 201 Insects...

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