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Tutorial 3 Answers 1. 1. A democratic political system is an essential condition for sustained economic progress. Discuss. This question has no clear-cut answer .  In Australia, we tend to argue that  democracy is good for economic progress. This argument is largely predicted on the idea that  innovation is the engine of economic growth, and a democratic political system encourages  2. Globalisation is an ideology of supporting liberal economics and corporate interests as it promotes weakening trade unions, reducing business regulation and curbing public spending and welfare budgets. Discuss. Globalisation as a ‘right leaning’ ideology  would advocate the potential benefits of  globalisation and its potential in terms of economic and social development. The conditions  needed to realise this potential are the basic principles and values that underpin the  democratic market economy model.   ‘Left leaning’ critics of globalisation, as contained in the question  statement, seek a fairer  and more inclusive globalisation. The critics would argue for greater emphasis on the social  dimension of globalisation, shifting priorities from a narrow preoccupation with markets  and commercial interests to a broader preoccupation with people, social issues and  inequities. ‘Left leaning’ critics would argue for good governance, effective social safety  nets, the provision of public services such as health and education, the public provision of  essential services such as water and electricity, the protection of workers rights and  standards, and the like.  3. What is the appropriate role of government in business activities? Examine this role from different ideological perspectives. This question has no clear-cut answer   but rather it builds on Q2. A ‘left  leaning’ ideology would support active government intervention to correct privately 
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motivated business decisions and the market failures. It would support government  ownership, planning and coordination of investment in essential large-scale infrastructure,  and government, top-down decision making on how ‘best’ to allocate scarce resources and  redistribute wealth. A ‘right leaning’ ideology supports a minimal role for government.  Government policy needs to be ‘market friendly’ and create a climate for private enterprise —that is, government has to supplement the market, not supplant it.  4. What are the differences between civil law, common law and theocratic law?
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Tutorial 3 Answers - Tutorial 3 Answers 1 1 Critical...

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