HW1 AND 2 - MBA 806 HW 1 1/28/2011 Group 6 Assignment: 1)...

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MBA 806 Group 6 HW 1 1/28/2011 Assignment: 1) Complete exercise 2.7, p. 36 -- Be sure to make a graph of the product space for at least 3 of the 4 competitive dimensions. 2) Do exercise 2.8 on p. 36. Problem 1: Exercise 2.7 Summary of problem information : · MDVIP o Fixed patient fee ($1500/yr) / not covered by health insurance o Visit fees (comparable to industry average) / covered by health insurance o Fixed patient fee introduction § 6,000 to 300 patients § Doctor schedules are more open (i.e. customers can easily schedule an appointment (faster response time)) § Longer consultations compared to industry average (higher perceived quality to customer) Question 1 : How would you describe MDVIP’s strategic position relative to a comparable traditional practice using the four competitive dimensions? The strategic position of MDVIP can be principally described by providing a highly responsive, customer oriented, and high quality healthcare service. With this, they allow for a tradeoff of its customers having to pay a higher yearly cost for their services. Below is a listing of the four competitive dimensions and the reasoning why they are aligned with high response times and higher quality. 1) Response time – With MDVIP having a smaller patient base, this allows them to offer doctors with more open schedules which translates to the patients being able to quickly and easily schedule an appointment as compared to a traditional provider. Also, a lower patient base can allow for better feedback and responsiveness from the office staff for scheduling and billing matters. 2) Quality – With MDVIP offering a longer consultation to their patients, this creates a sense of higher quality that is perceived from the patients.
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Although the actual quality of care may be equivalent to a traditional practice, the longer consultations allows for the patients to feel as the
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HW1 AND 2 - MBA 806 HW 1 1/28/2011 Group 6 Assignment: 1)...

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