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Biology 2290F/G—Sample exam questions and answers Krajnyk Unit 1 THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL EXAM PAPER. THESE ARE SIMPLY SAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONS. 1. An experiment was conducted to determine the distribution of Nitrogen in above-ground and below- ground plant biomass in six habitats of a sand dune system located on the south eastern shoreline of Lake Huron. Five quadrats (0.5 m 0.5 m) were randomly placed in each habitat (1 st Dune Ridge North, 1 st Dune Ridge Top, 1 st Dune Ridge South, Slack, 2 nd Dune Ridge North, 2 nd Dune Ridge South). Above-ground parts of plants were clipped at the soil level and separated into green (live) and dead biomass. Below-ground biomass was obtained from each quadrat by excavating the roots and rhizomes of plants and washing them. Above- and below-ground samples were dried for 6–8 hours at 60°C in a drying oven. Samples were then ground into powder and total nitrogen content (g m -2 ) was determined by thermal conductivity in a Total Nitrogen Analyzer. The collected data were analyzed using a one-way Anova and Tukey tests. The results of the experiment are presented in the table below. Table 3. Mean total nitrogen content ( SE) in above-ground and below-ground plant biomass in different habitats in a sand dune system along the south eastern shoreline of Lake Huron. Habitat Slope Total above-ground Nitrogen (g m -2 ) Total below-ground Nitrogen (g m -2 ) 1 st Dune Ridge North 0.20 0.08 bc 0.09 0.06 b Top 0.46 0.16 a 0.47 0.20 a South 0.33 0.14 ab 0.40 0.08 a Slack Slack 0.06 0.06 c 0.02 0.02 b 2 nd Dune Ridge North 0.25 0.07 b 0.42 0.14 a South 0.20 0.06 bc 0.37 0.09 a Note: Means in each column followed by the same letter are not significantly different ( P <0.05) according to Tukey’s test. a) What was/were the independent variable(s) in this study? (2 marks ) ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ b) What do the results show about the total above-ground nitrogen content in the vegetation? (12 marks) ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ c ) Which objective criterion ( P value) did the authors of this study use to accept or reject H 0 in Anova? (1 mark) ___________ 2. Define the term ‘randomization’. (2 marks) ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________
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K - Biology 2290F/GSample exam questions and answers...

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