carboylic acid - o Oxygen The formation of the ester shown...

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13.14 MCAT questions : Which one of the following has the most acidic proton? o Pentanoic acid o 2-hydroxypentanoic acid o 2-methylpentanoic acid o 2-nitropentanoic acid (inductive effect) The ester shown is produced by the acid-catalyzed reaction of ethanol with acetic acid. What molecule is the source of the O atom indicated by the arrow? o Acetic acid o Ethanol o Water
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Unformatted text preview: o Oxygen The formation of the ester shown above is a reversible reaction. How can the yield of the ester be increased? I. Increase the concentration of ethanol II. Increase the concentration of acetic acid III. Increase the concentration of the acid catalyst o I and II only (a catalyst only affects the rate at which a system attains equilibrium) O O...
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