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carboylic acid derivative

carboylic acid derivative - protonation which gives it a...

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14.15 MCAT questions: Isopentyl propanoate is one of the primary components in pineapple odour. Use the synthesis reaction shown to answer the subsequent questions. O O O propanoic anhydride OH + isopentanol O isopentyl propanoate O The synthesis is catalyzed by an acid. What does the acid do in the first step of the synthesis? o Activate the electrophile by protonating the anhydride (the carbonyl group is made more electrophilic by
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Unformatted text preview: protonation, which gives it a positive charge) • Which of the following reagents would be more reactive with isopentanol? o Propanoic acid o Propanoyl chloride o Methyl propanoate o Propyl acetate • The methyl groups of isopentyl propanoate appear in the proton NMR spectrum as o Two singlets o A doublet and a triplet o A triplet and a quartet o A doublet and a multiplet...
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