Chapter_5_examples - 5.5 applications of Newton’s laws...

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Unformatted text preview: 5.5 applications of Newton’s laws • Problem –Solving Guide for Dynamics-1 • 1. Draw a large and neat diagram to represent the physical situation . Identify the system,one or more bodies, whose dynamics you are studying. • 2. Draw all the external forces acting on each body . If you can image yourself in its place, ask what forces are exerted on you by your environment . If you cannot identify the source or agent responsible for a force, such as the earth, a table, or a rope, do not include it. • 3. Select an inertial reference frame . Each particle may have its own coordinate axes. Usually, the dynamics is more clear if one axis coincides with the direction of the acceleration, given or assumed. Problem –Solving Guide for Dynamics-2 • 4 . Draw a free-body diagram for each mass : The particle is put at the origin and all the forces acting on it are resolved along the axes. • 5 . Use the free-body diagram to write the second law in component form : solve these equations for the unknown • 6 . Are your results reasonable ? (a) Does a negative sign have an obvious interpretation or does it indicate an earlier mistake or false assumption? (b) If you have an algebraic expression, check its dimension, Try extreme values of the variables that appear to see if they lead to results you already know....
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Chapter_5_examples - 5.5 applications of Newton’s laws...

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