MGT 301-002_Syllabus_Fall 2008

MGT 301-002_Syllabus_Fall 2008 - Syllabus Fall 2008 Section...

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MGT 301 – Business Management Syllabus - Fall 2008 Section 002 – MW 11:00 am – 12:15pm –BE 306 M anagement  is at the heart of any businesses – high performance requires the efficient and effective  use of organizational resources through the four management functions of: planning, organizing, leading  and controlling. To perform the four functions, managers need three interrelated skills – conceptual,  human, and technical. Prerequisites for this course are: STAT 291, ECO 201,202, ACC 202. Syllabus Outline Instructor Textbooks Objectives Evaluation Assignments Policies Schedule Instructor Information Instructor : Virginie (Ginny) Kidwell Email : [email protected] (my email) [email protected]  (class email) Office : Office Phone: None available. Email is the best way to reach me. Website : (my website) (class web site) Office Hours : 12:30pm - 2:30pm Wednesday or by appointment. 1
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Required Textbooks R ichard L. Daft and Dorothy Marcic. Understanding Management , Sixth edition, South-         Western  Cengage Learning.   *Purchasing this book is critical in preparing yourself for the lectures, exams, group project.   S tudent Guide 2009, Management Simulations, Inc, Foundation Business Simulation . *You are required  to register at  in order to participate in the group project/business  simulation (by Sept. 3     rd    ; $44.00 to be paid online). Once registered, I will provide you with a student guide for  this business simulation.  Course Objectives B y the end of this course, you should have obtained the knowledge to understand the following key concepts: 1. 2. The need for ethics and social responsibility in today’s business world. 3. The role of environment (internal and external) on organizations. 4. The formulation and implementation of a business strategy in order to achieve key organizational  goals. 5. Organizational decision-making theory and applications. 6. Effective and efficient organizational design. 7. The crucial role of human resource in organizations. 8. Leadership skills as well as motivational and communication theory and applications. 9. Designing successful teamwork and developing employees’ organizational skills. 10.
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MGT 301-002_Syllabus_Fall 2008 - Syllabus Fall 2008 Section...

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