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BIOL 1510 Sample Midterm 2 1) Which of the following statements about ecology is incorrect ? A) Ecology is a discipline that is independent from natural selection and evolutionary history. B) Ecological studies may involve the use of models and computers. C) Ecologists may study populations and communities of organisms. D) Ecology is the study of the interactions between biotic and abiotic aspects of the environment. E) Ecology spans increasingly comprehensive levels of organization, from individuals to ecosystems. 2) Which of the following levels of organization is arranged in the correct sequence from most to least inclusive? A) individual, community, population, ecosystem B) ecosystem, community, population, individual C) population, ecosystem, individual, community D) individual, population, community, ecosystem E) community, ecosystem, individual, population 3) Studying species transplants is a way that ecologists A) develop mathematical models for distribution and abundance of organisms. B) determine the distribution of a species in a specified area. C) consolidate a landscape region into a single ecosystem. D) determine the abundance of a species in a specified area. E) determine if dispersal is a key factor in limiting distribution of organisms. 4) You are planning a dive in a lake, and are eager to observe not many underwater organisms but be able to observe them both close up and far away. You would do well to choose A) a lake with consistently warm temperatures. B) an eutrophic (nutrient-rich and oxygen poor) lake. C) an oligotrophic (nutrient-poor and oxygen-rich) lake. D) a relatively shallow lake. E) a nutrient-rich lake. 5) Which of the following statements best describes the effect of climate on biome distribution? A) Knowledge of annual temperature and precipitation is sufficient to predict which biome will be found in an area. B) Fluctuation of environmental variables is not important if areas have the same annual temperature and precipitation means. C) It is not only the average climate that is important in determining biome distribution, but also the pattern of climatic variation. D) Correlation of climate with biome distribution is sufficient to determine the cause of biome patterns. E) Temperate forests, coniferous forests, and grasslands all have the same mean annual temperatures and precipitation. 6) If Earth's axis of rotation suddenly became perpendicular to the plane of its orbit, the most predictable effect would be A) a loss of seasonal variation at high latitudes. B) the elimination of ocean currents. C) no more night and day. D) a big change in the length of the year. E) a cooling of the equator.
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8) In the territorial behavior of the stickleback fish, the red belly of one male elicits attack from another male by functioning as A) a search image. B) a sign stimulus.
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Sample+Midterm+2 (1) - BIOL 1510 Sample Midterm 2 1) Which...

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