hw7_code - function RK(Tr,Pr,z,R,P,T) sigma=1; epsilon=0;...

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Sheet1 Page 1 function RK(Tr,Pr,z,R,P,T) sigma=1 epsilon=0 omega=.08664 psi=.42748 aTr=Tr^(-.5) q=(psi*aTr)/(omega*Tr) beta=(omega*Pr)/(Tr) Z=1+beta-q*beta*((z-beta)/((z+(epsilon*beta))*(z+(sigma*beta)))) e=100*abs(Z-z)/Z end ------------------------------------------------------------------- function num7_13(A,B,C,D,R,T0,HR1) B=B*10^-3 C=C*10^-6 D=D*10^5 T1=300 tau=T1/T0 e=1 while e>.001 T2=(HR1/(R*(A+((B/2)*T0*(tau+1))+((C/3)*(T0^2)*((tau^2)+tau+1))+(D/(tau*(T0^2))))))+T0 tau1=T2/T0 e=abs(tau1-tau)/tau1 tau=tau1 end tau Cp=(A+((B/2)*T0*(tau+1))+((C/3)*(T0^2)*((tau^2)+tau+1))+(D/(tau*(T0^2)))) ------------------------------------------------------------------- function deltaS=num7_22(T2) A=1.677 B=37.853*10^-3 C=-11.945*10^-6 D=0 T0=523.15 P0=5000/100 P2=500/100 tc=408.1 pc=36.48 omega=.181 R=8.314 tau=T2/T0 tr2=T2/tc pr2=P2/pc
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Sheet1 Page 2 tr0=T0/tc pr0=P0/pc db02=(.675/tr2^2.6) db12=(.722/tr2^5.2) db00=(.675/tr0^2.6) db10=(.722/tr0^5.2) deltaS=(R*(A*log(tau)+((B*T0)+(C*(T0^2)+(D/(tau^2)*(T0^2))*((tau+1)/2)))*(tau-1))). .. -(R*log(P2/P0))+ (R*-pr2*(db02+omega*db12)) - (R*-pr0*(db00+omega*db10))
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hw7_code - function RK(Tr,Pr,z,R,P,T) sigma=1; epsilon=0;...

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