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function root = newtonRaphson_dmcgrail3(rootFun,jacFun,initGuess) f xhat=initGuess; val=rootFun(xhat); %evaluate at initial guess while abs(val(1))>10^-10 || abs(val(2))>10^-10 %terminate if both errors (proximity to zero) are less than 10^-10 J=jacFun(xhat); %define jacobian
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Unformatted text preview: f=rootFun(xhat); %define f(xi) b=(J*xhat)-f; %subtract jacobian*xi-f(xi) to get "b" xhat=J\b; %solve for new xhat val=rootFun(xhat); %evaluate at the new value to see if its close enough to zero again end root=xhat;...
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