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num7_22_b - b12=.0139.172/tr2^4.2 HR0=(pr0(b00(tr0*db00...

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function deltaH=num7_22_b(T2) A=1.677; B=37.853*10^-3; C=-11.945*10^-6; D=0; T0=523.15; P0=5000/100; P2=500/100; tc=408.1; pc=36.48; omega=.181; R=8.314; R tau=T2/T0; tr2=T2/tc; pr2=P2/pc; tr0=T0/tc; pr0=P0/pc; p db02=(.675/tr2^2.6); db12=(.722/tr2^5.2); db00=(.675/tr0^2.6); db10=(.722/tr0^5.2); b00=.083-(.422/tr0^2.6); b10=.0139-(.172/tr0^4.2); b02=.083-(.422/tr2^2.6);
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Unformatted text preview: b12=.0139-(.172/tr2^4.2); HR0=(pr0*(b00-(tr0*db00)+omega*(b10-(tr0*db10))))*R*tc; HR2=(pr2*(b02-(tr2*db02)+omega*(b12-(tr2*db12))))*R*tc; H %only add 6919.04 for finding final T % deltaH = (R*((A*T0*(tau-1))+((B/2)*T0^2*(tau^2-1))+((C/3)*(T0^3)*((tau^3)-1)))). .. +HR2-HR0+6919.04 ;...
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