ChBE 2100 Exam 1 Solutions

ChBE 2100 Exam 1 Solutions - Name_ Exam #1 ChBE 2100...

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Name_________________________________________________ Exam #1 ChBE 2100 Chemical Process Principles Monday, June 1, 2009 The exam consists of 3 problems worth the points indicated. Please submit your final answers in the underlined space below each question in the specified units. Use the extra blank sheets to write down all work and submit them for consideration along with the answer sheet. Make sure that you put your name and the problem number on each page and make sure that they are in the proper order and numbered sequentially when you turn them in. Also submit your one page of notes with the completed exam. Honor Code: I commit to uphold the ideals of honor and integrity by refusing to betray the trust bestowed upon me as a member of the Georgia Tech community. _______________________________________ Signature
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Name_________________________________________________ #1 (10 points) A. (2 pts) A mixture consists of 55.6 wt% methane (CH 4 ) and 44.4 wt% ethane (C 2 H 6 ). The mol fraction of methane in the mixture is ________ mol/mol. The average molecular weight of the mixture is g/mol. M CH4 = 16, M C2H6 = 30 Basis: 100 g mixture Contains: 55.6 g CH 4 or (3.475 mol) and 44.4 g C 2 H 6 (or 1.48 mol) Æ Total 4.995 mol Î x CH4 = 0.701 x C2H6 = 0.299 Î M mixture = (0.701×16) + (0.299×30) = 20.19 g/mol B. (3 pts) 350 mol/min of propane (C 3 H 8 ) are burned in a combustion chamber with 75% excess air. The combustion products consist of CO 2 , CO and H 2 O. The mol fraction of CO 2 in the flue gas is four times that of CO. The theoretical oxygen is then mol/min. Write the balanced chemical reaction(s) taking place. Î Theoretical O 2 depends on the amount of fuel and stoichiometry of complete combustion . Î Theoretical O 2 = 350 × 5 = 1750 mol/min D. (3 pts) Ammonia is burned to form nitric oxide in the following reaction: 4 NH 3 + 5 O 2 4 NO + 6 H 2 O If 50 kg of ammonia and 100 kg of oxygen are fed to a batch reactor, determine: the limiting reactant __________________________________ the percentage by which the other reactant is in excess ___________________________ and the mass of NO produced if the reaction goes to completion ____________________. NH
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ChBE 2100 Exam 1 Solutions - Name_ Exam #1 ChBE 2100...

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