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Sample Questions for Topics After HW12 From Chapra and Canale 6 th edition: 21.11, except use the data to evaluate the integral with Richardson extrapolation using the trapezoidal rule. 22.1, 22.2, and 22.3 except using two-point Gauss-Legendre formula for each. 23.8 except use O(h 2 ) formula, not O(h 4 ) 23.4 27.2. Use the Heun method with a step size of 5 and the shooting method for nonlinear equations
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Unformatted text preview: with initial guesses for T’(0) of (-120) and (-60). And for the following problem, compute an estimate of each factor’s effect, compute an estimate of the interaction effect, construct a two-factor interaction plot, calculate the standard error for the effects, and state whether the effects are statistically significant....
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