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ChBE 2120, Fall 2010 Final project Due: Friday, December 3, 2010 at 5 PM Numerical methods to utilize in this project: - Curve fitting and parameter estimation - Differentiation techniques - HYSYS simulation - Statistical analysis General information: - This project will be performed in teams, assigned at the end of this project statement. - You will turn in a single electronic document with all report results, clearly identifying the team members on the cover page. The report will be due Friday, December 3, at 5 PM . You will also turn in all HYSYS flowsheets and any Matlab code used in your work. All of these documents should be submitted via T-Square by the person in your group denoted by an asterisk in the group list at the end of this document. (Note: your group is allowed to change the person who will submit all files; if you do so, that person should notify Prof. Styczynski in writing (email is fine) by Wednesday, November 24, at 5 PM.) - 15% of the project grade will be assigned for clarity of presentation in your team’s report. “Clarity” covers all aspects of the report presentation, including grammar, spelling, use of tables and figures, and logical, thorough presentation of information . - Any data or other information that was not generated by a team member must be supported by a reference that includes enough detail for the reader to find the information themselves. You should make good choices about using sources that give reliable information. (Note: please use scholarly literature or reference sources; Wikipedia is not an ideal source.) - Your team should submit a one page progress report to T-Square by Wednesday, November 24, at 5 PM . This progress report should briefly describe what sections of the project you have completed and what your team’s plans are for completing the remaining portions of the project. 5% of the project grade will be assigned for completing this interim report. To receive the full 5%, you only need to turn in the report on time. - As noted on the course syllabus, this project accounts for 10% of your final grade. - All people on a team will receive the same grade for the project, with one exception: if the “contribution statement” at the end of the paper indicates that a member did not participate at all, and the other members unanimously agree to this, then that student will not receive full credit for the project. Problem Statement: Biodiesel is an attractive alternative to petroleum-based fuels. The main idea of using biodiesel is that oils or fats from animal or vegetable sources can be reacted with methanol to produce fatty acid methyl esters. These methyl esters can be used as a transportation fuel in ways that are quite similar to petroleum-based diesel. There has been enormous growth in the production of biodiesel in the past several years. Using data from the National Biodiesel Board,
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production of biodiesel in the US has grown from 75 million gallons in 2005 to 450 million gallons in 2007. As of September 2008, there is installed annual production capacity of more
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chbe2120fall2010project - ChBE 2120, Fall 2010 Final...

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