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ChBE 2120, Fall 2010, Quiz 6 NAME:____________________________________________ On this sheet, give only the final answers for each question in the box provided – no partial credit. 1. Your company is using random checks of their process to make sure that it is working correctly. They provide you data about the exit concentration of a certain pollutant in one of their waste strems and ask you to construct a confidence interval for the population mean of the pollutant concentration. What criteria determine whether you will choose the standard normal distribution or the t distribution to construct your interval? 2. Assume you will use the t distribution to construct your interval. Write the equation for the confidence interval of the population mean in terms of any of the following symbols:
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Unformatted text preview: +, -, ± , ∞ , ≠ , μ , σ , s, x , t α , N , t α , N-1, t α , N+1, t α /2 , N, t α /2 , N-1, t α /2 , N+1, z α , N, z α , N-1, z α , N+1, z α /2 , N, z α /2 , N-1 , z α /2 , N+1, z α , z α /2 , α , β , χ 2 , N, N-1, N+1, √ N, √ N-1, √ N+1 Answer: = 3. You perform a t-test for your data against the company’s desired pollutant concenrtation every day for a few months. You always use a significance value for your t-test corresponding to a 95% confidence interval. After 100 days, what is the best guess for the number of times that you would have randomly rejected the null hypothesis in error? Answer: Answer: Answer:...
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