chbe2120fall2010syllabus - CHBE2120: Numerical Methods in...

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Unformatted text preview: CHBE2120: Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering Fall Semester, 2010 Instructor: Prof. Mark Styczynski Course objectives: 1. To learn a range of numerical methods for the approximate solution of mathematical equations encountered in chemical engineering. 2. To understand the shortcomings of these numerical methods, how to deal with these shortcomings, and how to choose the appropriate method for solving a given problem. 3. To use MATLAB and HYSYS to implement these methods and apply them to a variety of chemical engineering problems. Learning outcomes: By the end of this course, a student should be able to: 1. Formulate a chemical engineering problem as a mathematical model, and select an appropriate solution method. 2. Analyze the accuracy of the numerical solution and identify alternate strategies and methods to achieve greater accuracy when it is needed. 3. Understand the computational requirements of various solution options and use this understanding in the selection of the solution method 4. Select the appropriate software package to perform the numerical solution to a chemical engineering problem. 5. Design experiments using statistical methods, for the purpose of building models and designing chemical processes. 6. Formulate and solve process design problems, based on economic analysis and using mathematical models of chemical processes Text : Chapra SC and Canale RP. Numerical Methods for Engineers, sixth edition, McGraw-Hill, 2009. Prerequisites: CHBE 2100, CS 1371 Class website: Class time and location: MWF, 8:05 AM 8:55 AM, room L1255 in ES&T (Class may occasionally be held in the ChBE computer lab, L2230 ES&T) Instructor: Prof. Mark Styczynski Email: Office: L1222, ES&T Phone: 404-894-2825 Teaching assistants: Peng Liu Email: Mehrsa Raeiszadeh Email: Office hours: To Be Determined, based on your schedules; please see revised syllabus on T-Square Open Door Policy: If you have any questions or want to talk about anything, please stop by my office. My door is almost always open when Im there, and Im happy to help and to answer your questions. However, the very rare times when I am there and my door is closed, please make sure that your matter is urgent before deciding to knock on my door. If it is, Im happy to help; if its not, I wont be as happy....
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chbe2120fall2010syllabus - CHBE2120: Numerical Methods in...

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