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Chapter 2. Programming Structures 2.1. for loops Programs for numerical simulation often involve repeating a set of commands many times. In MATLAB, we instruct the computer to repeat a block of code by using a for loop. A simple example of a for loop is for i=1:10 repeats code for i=1,2,. ..,10 i print out the value of the loop counter end This ends the section of code that is repeated. The counter can be incremented by values other than +1. for i=1:2:10 disp(i); end This example shows that the counter variables takes on the values 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. After 9, the code next tries i=11, but as 11 is greater than 10 (is not less than or equal to 10) it does not perform the code for this iteration, and instead exits the for loop. for i=10:-1:1 disp(i); end As the value of the counter integer is changed from one iteration to the next, a common use of for blocks is to perform a given set of operations on different elements of a vector or a matrix. This use of for loops is demonstrated in the example below. Complex structures can be made by nesting for loops within one another. The nested for loop structure below multiplies an (m x p) matrix with a (p x n) matrix. A = [1 2 3 4; 11 12 13 14; 21 22 23 24]; A is 3 x 4 matrix B = [1 2 3; 11 12 13; 21 22 23; 31 32 33]; B is 4 x 3 matrix im = size(A,1); m is number of rows of A ip = size(A,2) ; p is number of columns of A in = size(B,2); n is number of columns of B C = zeros(im,in); allocate memory for m x n matrix containing 0's now we multiply the matrices for i=1:im iterate over each row of C for j=1:in iterate over each element in row for k=1:ip sum over elements to calculate C(i,j) C(i,j) = C(i,j) + A(i,k)*B(k,j); end end end C print out results of code A*B MATLAB's routine does the same thing clear all 2.2. if, case structures and relational operators In writing programs, we often need to make decisions based on the values of variables in memory. This requires logical operators, for example to discern when two numbers are equal. Common relational operators in MATLAB are : eq(a,b) returns 1 if a is equal to b, otherwise it
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matlabTutorialControlStructuresBeersGreenMitOcw - MATLAB...

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