chbe2120Spring2011hw2 - ChBE 2120 Homework 2 Due: Friday,...

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ChBE 2120 Homework 2 Due: Friday, January 28 at 8:05 AM In this homework assignment you will modify the Gauss elimination code we wrote in class to detect division-by-zero errors and then use your code to solve a chemical engineering mass balance problem. Part 1 : Modify the Gauss elimination function that we all made together in class to check for a zero in the denominator at any place where the code performs a division. (The code is located in the “Resources” section of the T-square website, and also under this assignment in the T-Square website.) For example: if (abs(den) < 1e-12) error(‘Code is attempting to divide by zero.’) end checks to see if the denominator called den is approximately zero. This is needed in computer programming, since the denominator being considered may not be exactly zero due to roundoff errors in memory. Rename the function from myge_class.m to mygehw2_yourGtIdName.m in the filename (e.g., mygehw2_mstyczynski6 ) and mygehw2_yourGtIdName (in the first line of the function). Include the following comments after the first line of your function, changed as appropriate for you: % Mark Styczynski % GT account ID: mstyczynski6 % ChBE 2120 % Homework 2 % Due: January 28, 2011 Make sure that your code is commented throughout, to describe the variables and the steps in the code. Part 2 : (Adapted from Felder and Rousseau, Problem 4.32) Fresh orange juice contains 12.0 wt% solids and the balance water, and concentrated orange juice contains 42.0% wt% solids. Initially a single evaporation process was used for the concentration, but volatile constituents of the juice escaped with the water, leaving the
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chbe2120Spring2011hw2 - ChBE 2120 Homework 2 Due: Friday,...

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