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chbe2120spring2011hw10 - ChBE 2120 Homework 10 Due Saturday...

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ChBE 2120 Homework 10 Due: Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 11:50 PM (NOTE extended deadline due to not being properly posted over the weekend) Since there is a Matlab component for this assignment, I ask that you turn in the entire assignment via T-Square so that there is less work in collating the grading. For problems 1-5, you can do the work on paper or in a Word document, but if you do the work on paper, please scan your work to PDF format. (Scanners are available in the ChBE computer cluster and in the computer cluster at the library.) 1. The mean and standard deviation of the diameters of a sample of 500 rivet heads manufactured by a company are 0.83753 in. and 0.00085 in., respectively. Find interval estimates for the mean diameter of all rivet heads manufactured by the company at 99%, 98%, 95%, and 90% confidence levels. 2. The sodium content of thirty 300-gram boxes of organic corn flakes was determined. The data (in milligrams) are as follows: 130.6791, 130.2671, 130.2317, 130.0600, 130.1523, 130.2097, 129.8187, 130.5777, 129.8127, 130.1580, 130.5209, 130.1193, 130.3228, 130.5135, 130.5763, 130.6180, 129.9300, 129.9930, 130.5871, 130.3041, 130.2209, 130.3222, 130.5142, 130.2470, 129.9405, 130.1745, 130.1503, 130.6505 130.3289, 130.3989. Test the claim that the mean sodium content of this brand of cornflakes is 130 milligrams. Use a significance of 0.05. 3. Tests are being conducted of an equation to predict the equilibrium vapor pressure of CO 2 for a reaction in involving a potassium carbonate solution. The actual equilibrium pressure was measured for 9 different reactions. The experimental results and the prediction from the equation are listed below. First, find a 95% confidence interval for the mean difference (NOT the difference of means) between the estimated and actual equilibrium pressures. Next, test the hypothesis that the mean difference between measured and estimated values is 0, using a significance of 0.05.
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