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Tanisha Billups Bio 120 September 5, 2010 Central Dogma Write-up Consider the process of going from DNA to RNA (transcription) and the process of going from RNA to protein (translation). Write a one page essay that will explain these processes in clear terms. Make special mention of “stop” codons, “start” codons, and redundancy. Use one paragraph to explain each part. You will be evaluated for completeness and scientific accuracy. Please observe writing conventions of grammar and plagiarism. Responses will be scored using a rubric for these items (30 points - Content/35 points - Writing Quality/35 points - Scientific Accuracy). The majority of genes are expressed as the proteins they encode. This process occurs in two steps: transcription of the information encoded in DNA into a molecule of RNA (Transcription = DNA → RNA) and translation of the information encoded in the nucleotides of mRNA into the amino acids in a protein (Translation = RNA → protein). Together, they make
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