CH 7 Membrane structure & function

Cis double bonds causes kink in chain increases

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Unformatted text preview: luidity Factors • What makes lipids liquid at room temperature? – – – – – Cis double bonds Causes kink in chain Increases spacing More movement More fluid • Cholesterol? – Warm – less movement; less fluid – Cold – increases spacing, more fluid Fluid Mosaic Model Embedded Proteins • Hydrophilic portions of proteins extend into aqueous areas • Hydrophobic portions are embedded in the interior of the bilayer that is also ________. Making more membrane • Membrane or secreted proteins (made in ER) • Leave ER as vesicles • In the Golgi proteins and lipids are glycosylated (sugars added) • Vesicles fuse with membrane; releasing contents Membrane Structure & Function • Fluid mosaics of lipids and proteins • Selectively permeable • Transport mechanism – P...
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