CH 7 Membrane structure & function

Interior surface of the vesicle membrane exterior

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Unformatted text preview: and lipids of the cell membrane are added as the membrane is refined in the Golgi apparatus; the new membrane then forms transport vesicles that travel to the cell surface. On which side of the vesicle membrane are the carbohydrates? – Interior surface of the vesicle membrane – Exterior (cytoplasmic) surface of the vesicle membrane 0 For Question 6 p. 141 0 An artificial cell consisting of an aqueous solution enclosed in a selectively permeable membrane has just been immersed in a beaker containing a different solution. The membrane is permeable to water and to the simple sugars glucose and fructose but completely impermeable to the disaccharide sucrose. • Which solute(s) will exhibit a net diffusion into the cell? – – – sucrose glucose fructose 0 • Which solute(s) will exhibit a net diffusion out of the cell? 0 – – – sucrose glucose fructose • Which solution is hypertonic to the other? – the cell contents – the environment 0 • In which direction will there be a net osmotic movement of water? – out of the cell – into the cell – neither 0...
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