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Tanisha Billups Bio 120  October 5, 2010 Metabolism Lab Table 1 Pulsation Rate  1 Pulsation Rate  2 Pulsation Rate  3 Average Pulsation Rate Untreated 14 22 26 20.67 Caffeine 20 24 20 21.13 Drug A 18 16 20 18 Drug B 12 14 12 12.7 The table and graph show the pulsation rate of the blackworm and the treatment drug  used. The blackworms were placed in the drug for 1 minute and the pulsation rate was  then measured.  Results In this lab, Blackworms were used as a model to study the effects of xenobiotics on  metabolism by pulse rate. When placed in each drug treatment, the drug was  metabolized and a visual change in the pulse rate of the blackworm could be seen. The 
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Unformatted text preview: untreated blackworm had an average pulsation rate of 20.67 beats/ minute while both drug A and drug B reduced the pulsation rate to 18 beats/ minute and 12.7 beats/ minute respectively. Discussion The purpose of this experiment was to measure the metabolic rate. A simple organism with transparent skin that is easily diffusible in solutions was used. The pulsation rates were measured by visually counting the beats per minute. The data appropriately displayed the overall metabolic rate in the organism....
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