Objectives for Exam III

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Review for Exam III Complete are concept checks, relevant end of chapter questions, watch the animations and look over the laboratory material from Unit 3. Draw diagrams and study ALL INQUIRY sections in Campbell. Chapter 11 Know the three stages of cell signaling Location of receptor types, G protein-coupled receptors, Tyrosine-Kinase receptors, Ion Channel receptors, Understand transduction and amplification of signals with phosphorylation cascades, second messengers Apoptosis Chapter 12 Mitotic phases: details of nucleus, chromosomes, mitotic spindle in all phases Differences in plant cell division Control of cell cycle with kinases, major check points Molecular control of cell cycle Loss of cell cycle control in cancer cells Chapter 13 Karyotype, ploidy (haploid/diploid), human life cycle Separation of homologous chromosome vs separation of sister chromatids Genetic diversity through crossing over, independent assortment, and random fertilization
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