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Response Paper (100 points) Hard copy due to your instructors office 12 noon MONDAY November 22, 2010. In Unit 3 on WebCT, you will find an article from Nature Cell Biology (Editorial). This article discusses the past decade of advances in Cell Biology as reflected by articles published in this journal. Read this article and write a response paper. In this paper, please respond using a three paragraph essay format (typed in 12 point font/single spaced ). Choose two (2) of the topics discussed in the article and describe 1) why each topic is new and 2) why that new information on that topic is important to knowledge in Cell Biology. Then find one of the articles at this link: http://www.nature.com/ncb/webfocus/10th-anniversary/index.html Write the final paragraph about how that paper advances the field of cell biology. Please cite the manuscript that you chose. The rubric below will be used to score your responses. 25-20 points 19-15 points 14-10 points 9-5 points Topic Selection Identifies focused, topics that
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