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Assignment: Program 6: Hangman   Assignment Information Maximum grade: 100  Due date: April 14, 2008 Instructions: You have just been hired to create a fun hangman game for serious computer gaming enthusiasts. In  your game, users select their preference of gender for the unfortunate person being hung and  preference of size of the text-artwork representing the gallow and hanging person. In your design, you  must use at least one C++ class called  hangman  with the following member functions to handle the  drawing, namely  SetGender(gender)  SetSize(size)  DrawGallow(size)  DrawHead(gender, size)  DrawBody(gender, size)  DrawLegs(gender, size) 
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Unformatted text preview: Test these member functions with a simple main function that calls them. Then write the main program that implements the game logic for hangman. The program should randomly choose the guess word from a list of words stored in a file. It should also allow the user to play over and over again until they indicate they no longer wish to play again. Be creative with the facial expressions and gender features. Assignment files: None Submissions: You can only submit your assignment once. No re-submission is permitted. Notification: The instructor will not be notified via email when you submit this assignment....
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