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MVP Story Assignment

MVP Story Assignment - Assignment files To view an...

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Assignment: Program 3: MVP Story   Assignment Information Maximum grade: 100  Due date: March 7, 2008 Instructions: See Handout.  You must use the  fstream  library for file I/O. Create an input file called  mvp.dat  and a C++ program  source code file called  mvp.cpp Your program  should produce the output file called  mvp.txt Upload all 3 files via WebCT then submit.
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Unformatted text preview: Assignment files: To view an assignment file, click its filename. Files Modification date Size MVP Story.pdf February 29, 2008 5:46pm 9.3 KB Submissions: You can only submit your assignment once. No re-submission is permitted. Notification: The instructor will not be notified via email when you submit this assignment....
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