mvp - /MVP Story #include <iostream> #include...

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//MVP Story #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { //variable declarations ifstream inFile; ofstream outputFile; int team_num; int player_num; int sum; string mvp; //name of MVP string leadingScorer; //name of player with most points on winning team string team; //name of team string name; //name of players string team1; string team2; float p; //points scored float r; //rebounds float s; //steals float b; //blocked shots float a; //assists float y; //years in league char colon1; char colon2; char colon3; char colon4; char colon5; string winningTeam; float team1Score; string losingTeam; float team2Score; float score=0; float score2; float highestScore=0; float rating; float highestRating=0;"mvp.dat"); for(team_num=1;team_num<=2;team_num++) { getline(inFile,team); cout<<team; //Computation of Ratings and Score for(player_num=1;player_num<=5;player_num++) { getline(inFile,name); inFile>>p>>colon1>>r>>colon2>>s>>colon3>>b>>colon4>>a>>colon5>>y;
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mvp - /MVP Story #include &lt;iostream&gt; #include...

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