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Unformatted text preview: HANGMAN PROGRAM HANGMAN PROGRAM By Tanisha Billups and Kibby Araya • TANISHA TEAM ROLES & TEAM ROLES & CONTRIBUTIONS – Program – PowerPoint presentation Information Mechanics • KIBBY – Program – PowerPoint presentation Graphics Mechanics • COMMON FEATURES – – – – – – – – – – – – – SetWord () GetWord () SetGender (gender) SetSize (size) DrawHead (gender, size) DrawBody (gender, size) DrawLegs (gender, size) DrawShoes (gender, size) COMMON & UNIQUE COMMON & UNIQUE FEATURES • UNIQUE FEATURES The male has pants The female has a skirt Added facial expressions When a number is entered, it states Guess a letter: ____ Only choose letters! If you guess the same letter again it tells you that you already guessed that letter • • • • • • Creating the classes Calling functions correctly Compiling without errors Randomizing the word selection Deciding on the game features Trying to be creative CHALLENGES & CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS ...
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