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Square Biz Assignment - square N and produce an N-sized...

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Assignment: Lab 4: Square Biz   Assignment Information Maximum grade: 100  Due date: February 20, 2008 Instructions: Create a directory lab4 and in that folder create the following programs.  1. SQUARE5 Write a C++ program,  square5.cpp  that produces a square made of asterisks that is 5  asterisks wide and 5 asterisks tall.  2. N-SIZED SQUARE Write a C++ program,  squareN.cpp  that asks the user to input the desired width of the 
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Unformatted text preview: square, N, and produce an N-sized square of asterisks. This sounds like a job for some loops. ..you think? Upload and submit your source files, square5.cpp and squareN.cpp. Assignment files: None Submissions: You can only submit your assignment once. No re-submission is permitted. Notification: The instructor will not be notified via email when you submit this assignment....
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