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Chapter 1 Notes - Chapter 1 Notes 1.8 Technical Drawing...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Notes 1.8 Technical Drawing Tools Tools are used to produce 3 basic types of drawings: Freehand sketches Instrument drawings Computer drawings and models Tools have evolved from pencils, triangles, scales, and compasses to computer aided design/drafting (CAD) systems. CAD is a computer software related computer hardware that supplements or replaces traditional hand tools in creating models and technical drawings. 1.9 Computer-Aided Drawing Tools Hardware the physical devices used to support the CAD 1.9.1 The Central Processing Unit (CPU) Central processing unit (CPU) the hardware device that runs the computer programs and controls the various attached input and output devices 1.9.2 Computer Operating System Operating system a software program that controls the internal operations of the compute, such as the memory, storage drives, input and output devices, and data transmission circuitry. Software the written and coded instructions that govern the operation of the computer and the functions it performs 1.9.3 Display Devices Display device a type of output device, that is, a device through which information flows from the computer out to the user Classified by their type, resolution, size, and color capabilities Two types: 1. Vector device locates the endpoints of a line and then draws the line by electronically charging a continuous stream of phosphors on the screen 2. Raster device (the most common) creates an image by electronically charging individual points called pixels Pixels arranged in horizontal rows...
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Chapter 1 Notes - Chapter 1 Notes 1.8 Technical Drawing...

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