1-27-11 - ); 1/27/11 b = input (Enter value for y-center:...

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1/27/11 MATLAB CAME LATE… Look over: Linspace Sum Min Max(h) o Gets max of columns mean Identity matrix Fha = eye(3) Fha*105 Zeros(3,4) Ones(3,4) Ans*2 Example: Line and circle in an x-y-z space Circle: (x - h) 2 + (y - k) 2 = r 2 Line: y=mx +b Plug y equation in to circle equation Use quadratic equation to solve for roots Now… when a=h, b =k, and b=c (x - a) 2 + (y - b) 2 = r 2 and y=mx +c A=m^2 +1 B= -2a+2(c-b)m C=a^2 +(c-b)^2 –r^2 Plug values in to quadratic equation Let’s code it now! clear home or clc >>We need to set values or get a, b, r, m, and c (user inputs) m = input (‘Enter value for slope: ‘); c = input (‘Enter value for y-intercept: ‘); a = input (‘Enter value for x-center:
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Unformatted text preview: ); 1/27/11 b = input (Enter value for y-center: ); r = input (Enter value for radius: ); >>after solving A=m^2 +1 B= -2*a+2*(c-b)*m C=a^2 +(c-b)^2 r^2 D = B^2-(4*A*C) >> assume that square root of quadratic is positive x1=(-B +sqrt(D))/(2*A); x2=(-B -sqrt(D))/(2*A); y1 = m*x1 +c; y2 = m*x2 +c; >>create a vector v = [x1 y1 x2 y2]; disp(v); ASSIGNMENT: Write code that will compute the intercept of a line and ellipse on the xyz-plane Center = (0,0) Ellipse: ((b^2)*(x^2)) + ((a^2)*(y^2)) = ((a^2)*(b^2)) Line: y=mx+c b=minor axis a= major axis Need input for m, c, a, and b Output: (x1, y1) (x2, y2)...
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1-27-11 - ); 1/27/11 b = input (Enter value for y-center:...

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