distance_whileloop - elseif (distance > 10)...

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% added 2/15/2011 in class % clear clc c flag = 1; while flag == 1 name = input('What is your name? ','s'); n = input ('What is the distance that needs to be covered in feet? '); distance = n/5280; miles = distance if distance <= 2 mode = 'Walk'; elseif (distance > 2) && (distance <= 10); mode = 'Bicycle';
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Unformatted text preview: elseif (distance &gt; 10) &amp;&amp; (distance &lt;= 30); mode = 'ride MARTA'; else distance &gt; 30; mode = 'take a plane on Delta Airlines'; end fprintf('%s, you have %.2f miles to go.\nYou should %s.\n'. .. , name, miles, mode) flag = input('Do you want to do it again 0(no) 1(yes)? '); end e...
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