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Computer Programming I: Engineering Computation with Matlab – HCSC 110 _______________________________________________________________________ _ Course Info Instructor: Dr. Amos Johnson, [email protected] , rm 221 Tech Towers Text Book: “Engineering Computation with Matlab” by David M. Smith Software: Student version of Matlab Concepts General Principles: Abstraction, Test, Debugging, and Problem Solving Concepts evaluated by coding: Data types, Variables for storing data, Basic mathematical and logical expressions, Arrays (vectors & Matrices), Operation on arrays, Strings and character arrays, Structures, File input and output, Conditional statements, Selection, Repetition, Functions and procedures, Variable scope, Plotting 2D and 3D data, Recursion, Manipulation Images, and Numerical Methods Programming Language Matlab is an interpreted language that provides students immediate feedback from their actions, and postpones many of the gory details of correctness until a program is run. All
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Unformatted text preview: students are required to buy the student version for personal use. Collaboration Policy Programming assignments are designed to be learning experiences; they are graded only to encourage students to complete the assignment correctly. Collaboration is permitted and encouraged when working on your programming assignments. However, the material you turn in must be essentially your own work. Late Work Policy You may turn in programming assignments up to 4 days after the due date; however, you will be penalized 3 n , where n is the number of days late. Make up exams will only be given if you miss your test/exam period with prior approval or a valid excuse. Grading Policies Image Processing Programming Project 15% Weekly Programming Assignments 15% 2 Test 30% Final exam 40% _______________________________________________________ * This Syllabus may be updated or changed at anytime by the instructor....
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