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CSC 110-04: Engineering Computation with Matlab Test 1 – Fall 07 Prof. Johnson This exam is out of 100 points. On this exam you must write error free code in order to get full credit. 90 points come from the questions on this test, and the other 10 points are based on how well your class partner did. 1 30 Points: Line and Ellipse Intersection Write a function called line2ellipse. This function is to compute the intersection between a line and an ellipse centered at (0,0). The equation of a line is c mx y and the ellipse is 2 2 2 2 2 2 b a y a x b , where b is minor axis and a is the major axis. The input to the function is a vector called param with contains the slope and y- intercept of a line (m, c) and the minor (b) and major (a) axes of the ellipse. The output is a vector that contains the x and y locations of the intersection points. Remember if there is an interaction there will be two of them .
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