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Hints for Homework I-10 - Consider the length to be 11 x...

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Hints for Rigid-Rotor Homework 1) 9.17b The magnitude of the angular momentum is given by The magnitude of the possible projections of the angular momentum on for example, z by 2) 9.18b Calculate the magnitude of the angular momentum first in units of h- bar. Consider the possible projections on the z axis. Then calculate the angles from: solve for cos θ . You will probably get them in radians and they have to be converted to degrees. 3) 9.2 4) 9.4 Calculate I, then B e . Then calculate the energies for the rotational levels. 5) 9.31 Use the equation for 1-dimensional particle-in-a-box.
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Unformatted text preview: Consider the length to be 11 x 140 pm. 6) 9.33 When you calculate the reduced mass, one particle is O and one particle is (Fe-C). 7) 9.35 Refer to slide 51. Calculate I as m e times the square of the radius. Consider that 2 electrons are in state with m = 0, 4 electrons in states with m = ± 1, etc., until you place the 22 electrons. 8) 13.5b 9) 13.6b 10)13.7b 11)13.12a ) 1 ( J + = & & m J z = & & m cos x ) 1 ( m cos x ) 1 ( = θ + = θ +...
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