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Homework II-2

Homework II-2 - 21.2a A 1.0 dm 3 glass bulb contains 1.0 ×...

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HOMEWORK II-2 2.31b   The volume of a certain liquid varies with temperature as where  V  is its volume at 298 K. Calculate its expansion coefficient,  , at 310 K. 2.32b   The isothermal compressibility of lead at 293 K is 2.21 × 10 −6  atm −1 . Calculate the pressure that must be  applied in order to increase its density by 0.08 per cent. 21.1b   Determine the ratios of (a) the mean speeds, (b) the mean kinetic energies of He atoms and Hg atoms at  25°C.
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Unformatted text preview: 21.2a A 1.0 dm 3 glass bulb contains 1.0 × 10 23 H 2 molecules. If the pressure exerted by the gas is 100 kPa, what are (a) the temperature of the gas, (b) the root mean square speeds of the molecules? (c) Would the temperature be different if they were O 2 molecules? 21.7b Use the Maxwell distribution of speeds to estimate the fraction of CO 2 molecules at 300 K that have speeds in the range 200 to 250 m s −1 ....
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