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Diagnostic Math Test - B3 For the triangle shown sin θ =...

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Name: Tanisha Billups Physics I: Mechanics Diagnostic Math Test Select the most appropriate choice or solve. You will receive points for turning in this assignment, not correctness . If you use references (e.g. notes, text) to help you be sure to mention for each problem what they are. * Algebra A1. 10,000=10 x , then x = ____________ a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 A2. 0.000001=10 y , then y = ____________. a) –7 b) –6 c) –5 d) 5 e) 6 A3. Rihanna has 15 coins, all nickels and dimes. If the nickels were changed to quarters and the dimes changed to nickels, the total value of the coins would remain unchanged. How many nickels and how many dimes does she have? A4. Solve for x, given x x x 2 1 3 = + + A5. Expand (1 − ax) 3 A6. Evaluate ( 29 ( 29 3 3 10 6 200 10 6 . 3 - x x , expressing your answer in scientific notation Trigonometry B1. Using trigonometric identities, express cos 2x in terms of sin x. B2. A rectangular box of length L and width W rests against a wall, making an angle θ with respect to the floor. What is the height H of the top edge of the box above the floor?
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Unformatted text preview: B3. For the triangle shown, sin θ = _____ and cos θ = _______ . a) a/b, b/c b) b/c, b/a c) b/c, a/c d) b/a, a/c B4. Given two equations: T mg = α sin , mg T = cos 5 ; solve for α * Ideally, you should only need a calculator for C1 & C3. H L W θ c a b θ Vectors and Calculus C1. A woman walks 12 paces north and then 6 paces west. How far is she from her starting point and in what direction is her displacement? a) 13 paces, 24 o N of W b) 13 paces, 24 o W of N c) 18 paces, 24 o N of W d) 18 paces, 24 o W of N C2. Given 2 2 sin 3 x y = find dx dy and 2 2 dx y d . C3. A sailboat is moving forward at a speed of 6 knots. A gauge attached to its mast indicates a wind speed of 12 knots at an angle of 60 degrees, both relative to the boat. What is the wind speed relative to the water? C4. Evaluate the definite integral . 60 o boat relative to water wind relative to boat...
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Diagnostic Math Test - B3 For the triangle shown sin θ =...

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